The Importance of Monitored Screen Time for Family Well-Being

Digital wellness for family

When it comes to modern family life, electronic devices make it hard to connect with each other and stay in touch. In this digital world, the idea of “quality screen time” has become very important for family health. But why is quality screen time so important, and how can families make sure to monitor this habit? In this blog we will dive deeper into the reasons behind the importance as well as ways to manage the habit. Let’s get right into it… 

Why is Monitored Screen Time Important for Family Well-Being?

Monitoring screen time is crucial for the well-being of families as it guarantees a good equilibrium between digital and face-to-face interactions. Implementing limits on screen usage can help families avoid excessive exposure, which might potentially result in isolation or reduced physical activity. It also facilitates the allocation of valuable time together, motivates participation in outdoor or physical activities, and cultivates more robust interpersonal connections.

How Can You Manage Screen Time Within Your Family?

There are many ways to manage the amount of screen or digital time your family gets. For example, setting reasonable limits on screen time and doing non-digital family activities such as our Digital Family Wellness Programme are easy ways to help you manage the quality of screen time within your family. The goal of this class is to provide families with a place to get away from their electronic devices and engage in educationally-driven activities. Families will strengthen their bonds through fun team-building activities, hands-on activities, and sharing of experiences connected to the workshop’s theme. This will ultimately encourage open conversation and connection within your family

Take the First Steps and Book Your Digital Family Wellness Programme Class

Get your family started on the path to a healthy digital lifestyle. Join our next class to engage in our Digital Family Wellness Programme and see how you and your family bond over non-digital related activities. Give us a call or fill out a contact form to get started!

By Aaliya Masoodi CEO of Family Bond

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