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At FamilyBond, our mission is to weave lasting connections within families while crafting meaningful narratives that echo the essence of family, religion, and culture. We believe in the power of books to enhance educational impact and family bonding through immersive, enjoyable experiences. Join us in creating positive, lifelong influences on family welfare and relationships through our vibrant book club.

About the FamilyBond Kids Book Club

About the FamilyBond Kids Book Club

The FamilyBond Kids Book Club is an initiative designed to gather children once a month for literacy sessions. These sessions, which are part of a broader educational program, aim to help children to develop both basic and advanced literacy skills.

Holistic Development and Family Bonding

A unique aspect of the FamilyBond Kids Book Club is our emphasis on family bonding. We design activities that encourage families to connect with each other, fostering a sense of togetherness. In today’s fast-paced world, our initiative aims to slow down kids and encourage mindfulness, allowing them to enjoy the present moment. This holistic approach not only nurtures children’s literacy and personal growth but also strengthens family bonds.
Our sessions also focus on personality development, where we educate kids on emotional safety and help them build social confidence. Additionally, we include life skills lessons where children learn the importance of developing hobbies and have the opportunity to practice these hobbies during the sessions

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Upcoming Book Club Events

Stay tuned for our upcoming events where we dive deep into compelling books that challenge our thinking and expand our horizons. Here’s what’s next on our reading list

06 June 2024 - 4pm

Football Fever with Kristin Darell

Dive into the exciting adventures of “Football Fever” with Kristin Darell. Explore the world of passionate young footballers and their incredible journeys.

27 June 2024 - 4pm

Enchanting Worlds with Sarah Armstrong

Join award-winning author Sarah Armstrong as she delves into the magical realms of her books “Big Magic” and “Magic Awry.”

04 July 2024 - 4pm

Thrilling Tales with Tristan Bancks

Experience the suspense of “Scar Town” with Tristan Bancks. Discover his creative process and the gripping stories behind his thrilling novels.

Past Weeks and Their Gallery

Past Weeks and Their Gallery

Relive the moments from our previous book club meetings! Explore our gallery of past events, where members engaged in enriching discussions, shared personal insights, and celebrated the joy of reading together.

Our Core Values

Our Mission and Vision

The FamilyBond Kids Book Club is an initiative designed to gather children once a month for literacy sessions. Activities to enhance literacy include reading practice through aloud, silent, and guided sessions to improve fluency and comprehension; writing exercises such as composing sentences, paragraphs, and essays; phonics and vocabulary lessons focusing on phonetic awareness, vocabulary building, and spelling; comprehension activities like answering questions, summarizing, and discussing readings and interactive learning methods including group discussions, storytelling, and interactive games to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Celebrating Our Inspirational Families

Star Family Of The Week

Each week, we honor a family that embodies the spirit of the FamilyBond Kids Book Club. These families actively participate in our sessions, sharing their love for reading and learning. They contribute to our community with their enthusiasm and dedication, setting an example for others.

Meet our Star Family of the Week and get inspired by their journey. Learn about their favorite books, hobbies, and the special moments they’ve enjoyed with the FamilyBond Kids Book Club. This section is dedicated to celebrating the unique stories and experiences that make our community vibrant and engaging.