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Founder and CEO

My name is Aaliya Masoodi, located in Qatar, and I am a committed professional with expertise in my industry. I’m a devoted early childhood educator that has a strong passion to strengthen family bonding through learning. 

With a Bachelor of Education degree as my starting point in education, I gained the foundational information and abilities I needed to mould young minds.

My philosophy on early childhood education was greatly influenced by both my work as an educator and my desire to get families involved in the learning process. Each child will have a more collaborative and enjoyable educational journey thanks to my comprehensive approach.

As a homeschooling mother myself, I understand firsthand the importance of building strong family bonds through educational experiences. My personal journey has equipped me with unique insights into the challenges and joys of homeschooling, and I am deeply committed to sharing my knowledge and expertise with other families.

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Aaliya masoodi Founder family bond

Founder and CEO

My Background and Education

As the years have gone by, my numerous positions in different educational settings have given me a deep understanding of how to teach children of all ages from toddler years to kindergarten.

My educational background and real-world experiences have given me a comprehensive view on how learning environments should be set up and modified to accommodate various family dynamics and the special requirements of each child.

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